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Urgency to protect

Data protection and/or data privacy issues are becoming more visible to the general public.  Many people are concerned that their data might be exposed. Many companies are trying to leverage as much data as they can on their customers. With the intention to expand on their revenues.  Companies must strike a balance in being able to provide new innovated features with large datasets and protecting the personal identifiable linkage they have on their customers. 

Also, hackers are increasing targeting more businesses than ever before as the amount of personal information that a company can have on someone is overwhelming.

Software Quality Assurance and Data Protection Link

Data protection in Software Quality Assurance domain has really bloomed the last couple years.  Quality Assurance practice must carry forward on validating new features but with secured test data.  Assuring that the data being used for testing must be de-identified or synthetically created in case a breach occurs or an employee sharing personal test data on mistake.

According to ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) the definition of data privacy is the following: The protection of personally identifiable information or otherwise sensitive information from undesired disclosure.

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Apply QA has partnered with Michael Pasono, a leader in data protection and systems quality to publish a book on this very topic.  The book is called “Identity and Data Protection for the Average Person” and can be found on Amazon.

Learn about 3 main attacks causing a collection of your personal data. This book reveals many leading best practices in securing your identity and data from being harvested and limiting your risk for exposure if a data breach occurs.

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Knowing when and how to apply data protection for software testing is what makes Quality Assurance experts needed.

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