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Top 5 Ransomware

Top 5 – How to Protect Against Ransomware

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Ransomware is becoming a leading attack cyber criminals take to extort money from an individual or business. Ransomware basically locks your computer making it a brick. In order to get your computer back operational, cyber criminals would request payment from you in bitcoin or other non-traceable currency. Knowing how to protect yourself from this negative and costly experience is the …

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Data Servers

What is Test Data Management?

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Definition Test data management is the process of planning, designing, storing, and managing the creation of test data for software quality-testing processes and methodologies. Test data management is also known as software test data management. (source) Typically, large to medium size businesses have a formal process defined due to the need to integrate data all throughout the company. Software Quality …

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Malware or Virus Protection

How should I setup my PC to protect against malware or virus?

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Overview So, have you been previously infected with a virus? Or are you trying to get ahead of a potential infection?  Over the years, advancements in anti-virus and malware protection have occurred.  As a result, third-party anti-malware companies are offering their best products today to combat any malicious activity. Unfortunately, some new malware or viruses still get past the latest …

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Data Protection Image

What is Data Protection and why do I need it?

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Urgency to protect Data protection and/or data privacy issues are becoming more visible to the general public.  Many people are concerned that their data might be exposed. Many companies are trying to leverage as much data as they can on their customers. With the intention to expand on their revenues.  Companies must strike a balance in being able to provide …

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TikTok and LinkedIn Quality Failure

TikTok and LinkedIn Quality Failure

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Caught Red-handed The TikTok and LinkedIn Quality Failures have been caught red-handed. The public pre-release of Apple’s iOS 14 new privacy features have brought this to the attention of many folks. What is found was quite shocking!  For Example… Over 50 companies (and growing) are secretly reading the universal clipboard of their consumers’.   Brand Reputation Lost As a result, …

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