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What is Test Data Management?

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Definition Test data management is the process of planning, designing, storing, and managing the creation of test data for software quality-testing processes and methodologies. Test data management is also known as software test data management. (source) Typically, large to medium size businesses have a formal process defined due to the need to integrate data all throughout the company. Software Quality …

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What is Data Protection and why do I need it?

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Urgency to protect Data protection and/or data privacy issues are becoming more visible to the general public.  Many people are concerned that their data might be exposed. Many companies are trying to leverage as much data as they can on their customers. With the intention to expand on their revenues.  Companies must strike a balance in being able to provide …

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What is automation testing?

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DEFINITION According to ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) the definition of test automation is the following: The use of software to perform or support test activities. For Apply QA, This definition is too short and doesn’t describe everything that falls into this category.  Let us try to break this down: Support test activities (Test Case) Supporting test activities is …

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