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Lower Operational Costs (OpEx)

Partner with a leader in quality engineering consulting and lower your operational costs while assuring security.

Quality Engineering Modernization 

Our expertise focuses on strategically enabling advanced quality engineering methods to provide an improved Return on Investment (ROI) and Security Risk Reduction.

Quality Engineering Consulting

Quality Assessments

Service Virtualization

Database Virtualization

Development & Testing Automation

Synthetic Test Data

Cloud Testing

Data Protection & Security Testing

Quality Engineering Cost Factors

One best practice for top performing quality assurance or engineering teams is to focus on processes which reduce the cost to fix bugs found in code, data, and infrastructure.  

Requirements Gathering
Coding & Unit Testing
System & Integration Testing
Business Acceptance Testing
Production Validation

Relative Cost to Fix Bugs (Shift-Left)

It is much easier and cost-efficient to detect and correct issues in code when developers are still writing the code prior to any quality control activities.

Our best practices focus on proactive improvement processes, for example during the software development life-cycle (SDLC).

You can see that being proactive and finding issues early in development is a strong cost-savings approach.

With the SDLC, their are multiple proven methods to eliminate waste.

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