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Apply QA, LLC mission is to educate folks on modern software development and quality engineering best practices.

Learn Proper Quality Assurance

One best practice for a top performing quality assurance team is to focus on processes which reduce the cost to fix bugs found in code, data, and infrastructure.  

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Coding & Unit Testing
System & Integration Testing
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Relative Cost to Fix Bugs (Shift-Left)

It is much easier to detect & correct issues in code when developers are still writing the code prior to any quality control activities.

Our best practices focus on proactive improvement processes during the software development life-cycle (SDLC).

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You could be an entry level QA tester, senior QA/QE engineer, or Director of QA/QE, we have the modernization information you didn’t know you needed.

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Quality Practice Modernization 

Our expertise focuses on strategically enabling advanced quality validation methods to provide an improved Return on Investment (ROI) and security risk reduction.


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Database Virtualization

Development & Testing Automation

Synthetic Test Data

Cloud Testing

Data Protection & Security Testing

Our team

GCIF Excellence Award

CEO & Founder of Apply QA, LLC

Michael J. Pasono

About me

Michael has been in the software quality assurance and engineering industry for 20+ years studying and applying advanced validation techniques.

Industry recognized as a Technology Leader and Quality Advisor in Software Quality Engineering for a Top Fortune 50 company with expanding revenues; advising multi-year strategic roadmaps on innovated and modern quality improvements.

Advanced Testing Techniques, DevOps Quality Gates, Service Virtualization, Database Virtualization, Digital Modernization, Data Protection techniques and Privacy laws. 

  • Software Quality Improvement
  • Testing Maturity Assessment
  • Implementing Advanced Concepts

Defining Quality Assurance and Engineering Strategy, Quality Maturity Advancement, Professional Coaching and Identifying Skillsets Needed.

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Service virtualization is a concept used during software development and testing. In simplest terms, the developer or tester is trying to simulate(near real-time) a request & response process to validate something.
software testing best practices for cloud
Each day businesses are realizing the value of moving their applications to the cloud. Software testing best practices for cloud must be addressed. While the core reason for software testing doesn’t change; you are still validating that your application is bug-free and performs well, some tactical approaches will.