TikTok and LinkedIn Quality Failure

Caught Red-handed

The TikTok and LinkedIn Quality Failures have been caught red-handed. The public pre-release of Apple’s iOS 14 new privacy features have brought this to the attention of many folks.

What is found was quite shocking!  For Example…

Over 50 companies (and growing) are secretly reading the universal clipboard of their consumers’.  

Brand Reputation Lost

As a result, many popular social influencer’s have now boycotted these applications. Spreading their removal messages is devaluing the companies impacted.  Therefore, companies are looking to validate they will not in the same boat at a rapid pace.

These companies that are practicing bad data harvesting are being outed by Apple. Apple has been known to support data privacy. In other words, allowing consumers more control of their data.

Data Privacy Laws

As a result of the TikTok and LinkedIn Quality Failure, this brings up a good quality related topic of Data Protection or Data Privacy. Data privacy concerns have been growing over the last few years. New laws are being proposed to protect consumer information.  Data Privacy laws are further along in European countries. The United States consumers are learning the hard way that due to the looser laws. This latest news is putting more pressure on lawmakers.

Added costs for this failure of data privacy:

  • Press Release
    • Any negative public press release costs the company thousands of dollars. To publish a response, they have to consult with legal and compliance. They have to draft a politically correct statement explaining what happened and how they won’t let it happen again. Along with trying to please shareholders that value loss will be reduced. 
  • Brand Reputation
    • Time is of essence as brand reputation starts to decline very rapidly as consumers ditch use of application.
  • Loss in Sales
    • Current consumers will no longer feel comfortable with using your product or service.  A loss in activity will translate to loss in sales from product or ad revenues.
  • Loss in Sponsorship
    • Many companies are trying to distance themselves away from partnering with companies that have lost trust in their consumers data protection.
  • Legal
    • As more consumers are getting savvy in their data protection rights, more are beginning to file lawsuits against these companies that did not disclose any collection of particular data elements.  This requires companies to hire legal experts in data privacy.

Learn more about Data Protection for home

Apply QA has partnered with Michael Pasono, a leader in data protection and systems quality to publish a book on this very topic.  The book is called “Identity and Data Protection for the Average Person” and can be found on Amazon.

Learn about 3 main attacks causing a collection of your personal data. This book reveals many leading best practices in securing your identity and data from being harvested and limiting your risk for exposure if a data breach occurs.

Having a review of your current data protection and data privacy practice allows the quality assurance your company needs to reduce any risk of being a target.

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