Common Quality Engineering Terms

Software Quality Engineering (SQE) is a critical discipline that ensures the reliability, functionality, and performance of software applications. Whether you’re a seasoned SQE professional or new to the field, understanding key terms is essential. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some common terms in Software Quality Engineering.

Quality engineering definitions supplied by ISTQB.

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Quality Assurance – Activities focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.

Quality Control
– A set of activities designed to evaluate the quality of a component or system.

Quality Management
– Coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regard to quality that include establishing a quality policy and quality objectives, quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.

Unit Testing (Component Testing)
– A test level that focuses on individual hardware or software components.

System Integration Testing
– A test level that focuses on interactions between systems.

User Acceptance Testing
– A type of acceptance testing performed to determine if intended users accept the system.

Functional Testing
– Testing performed to evaluate if a component or system satisfies functional requirements.

Non-Functional Testing
– Testing performed to evaluate that a component or system complies with non-functional requirements.

Automated Testing
– A realization/implementation of a test automation architecture, i.e., a combination of components implementing a specific test automation assignment. The components may include commercial off-the-shelf test tools, test automation frameworks, as well as test hardware.

Production Validation Testing
– Testing performed to evaluate system in live production environment.

Test data management
is the process of planning, designing, storing, and managing the creation of test data for software quality-testing processes and methodologies.

Data Protection
– The practice of securing right level of access, masking sensitive data, and encryption of that data in motion and at rest.

Data Privacy
– The protection of personally identifiable information or otherwise sensitive information from undesired disclosure.

Many related software quality definitions have been provided by
ISTQB Glossary.


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