Software quality roles continue expand YoY.


Nail down the basics and continue education.


Connect with experts in the field.


Document experiences and apply for next level.


QA Job Advancement prep is part of Apply QA’s mission is to help educate and elevate potential candidates. Many folks are at different levels of expertise within Software Quality Assurance field. We recognize companies are rapidly transforming their software development practices, they must also modernize their software quality practice. Focusing on your QA job advancement prep is a critical step.

Outlook for QA Job Advancement

Every company is transforming into a digital software company, even the small mom and pop shops. Software quality and security assurance is on the top of many company boards or small business owner agendas to address. There are just not enough specialized QA experts (especially in Security Assurance) to keep up with the demand right now. Software Quality Assurance Engineers salaries have been increasing with some of the top salaries in automation and advanced testing techniques hovering 100K-150K per year. Reports are indicating a 10-20% growth in the field over the next 5 years.

Progression Path

If you are new to software quality assurance, great! You will have a lot to learn and at a rapid pace, but doable! For those of you that have been in software quality assurance for many years, you can see this transformation is already occurring. Therefore, you have a jumpstart on others, congratulations!

Focus your time on educating yourself of on Software Quality Assurance best practices you might not be as familiar with and check out our published  QA Books.

Getting ready for your next challenge

In the software quality assurance field, many of us face new, exciting, or unknown challenges we must stretch and tackle for the greater good of the company you work for. Many of us are already swamped with these new technical challenges but it is important to continue to stay up-to-date and try to visualize where software quality assurance will be needed. Learning and practicing these newer techniques within your current role will give you a leg up and help you and your company grow.

Communicating your Success

As you progress in your career of Software Quality Assurance, it is critical you continue record and broadcast your personal accomplishments. Many do this via social media or  blogs to help build-up reputation within the field. This will help connect you with other like-minded folks which you can network with and share best practices or helpful experiences. For starters, connect with quality assurance groups on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Taking Ground on Next Role

Apply QA has partnered with a few companies to help those folks in the software quality field to get ready for their next challenge in Software Quality Assurance. It is important that you spend your time wisely and leverage the gig economy. The old saying “Time is Money” is so critical in this field to stay up-to-date with technology advancement. If it takes you hours to update your resume or setup a new personal website/  blog, consider leveraging our partner,  Fiverr.

Fiverr is a leader of connecting freelanced experts in many different categories to save you time and market your potential. Most freelancers charge a reasonable rate and will provide samples prior to the job you need them to complete. Click here to find an professional resume writer/updater on Fiverr.