Pinpoint Quality Improvements

  • Unit Testing (Developer)
  • System Integration Testing (Multiple Applications)
  • User Acceptance Testing (Business Users)
  • Functional Testing (Core practice of setting up proper test plan, data, execution, logging)
  • Non-Functional Testing (Performance Testing)
  • Automated Testing (Practice of executing test data generation and test case execution on demand)
  • Production Validation Testing (Live or Stage Environment)
  • Testing in Production Environment (Feature Flipping in Production)
  • Test Data Availability (Practice of having secured test data on demand)
  • Test Data Protection (Practice of de-identifying classified or sensitive information for testing purposes)
  • Automated Testing Frameworks (Setup applications for reusable test cases and data)
  • Service Virtualization (Allow developers to test services when not fully available yet)
  • Database Virtualization (Allow developers and testers personalized copies of their own data)
  • Synthetic Test Data Generation (Create test data not available in production with de-classified/sensitive information)
  • DevOps Integrations (Allow developers to kick-off API calls to leverage any of the above to automate code builds and testing)

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