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Apply QA currently offers 3 core products.
Independent Product Quality Review, QA Process Maturity Assessment, and Specialized Improvement.

The independent product quality review can be purchased directly on this site and secured by Paypal with buyer and seller protection.

High level overview of our services listed below.

Independent Product Quality Review

Apply QA provides a quality review by utilizing best practices of your current digital product or service. Our reviews are based on a simple point system. Once the review is complete, we provide a list of recommendations to increase consumer satisfaction.

Independent Product Review Example

Once the review is complete, Apply QA can publish the review and provide certification allowing your company to share the results to potential new customers giving you a quality reputation that sells.

Quality Excellence Award

Quality Product Review Package

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Not ready for full independent review?

Try our basic quality product review self-assessment tool. 
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QA Process Maturity Assessment

Are you continuously releasing bugs in production? Or are you looking to modernize your QA practice for DevOps? We offer a solution that identifies your current maturity level. We provide recommendations for reaching the next level of QA maturity.

We have experience improving maturity of any of the following processes below:

  • Unit Testing (Developer)
  • System Integration Testing (Multiple Applications)
  • User Acceptance Testing (Business Users)
  • Functional Testing (Core practice of setting up proper test plan, data, execution, logging)
  • Non-Functional Testing (Performance Testing)
  • Automated Testing (Practice of executing test data generation and test case execution on demand)
  • Production Validation Testing (Live or Stage Environment)
  • Testing in Production Environment (Feature Flipping in Production)
  • Test Data Availability (Practice of having secured test data on demand)
  • Test Data Protection (Practice of de-identifying classified or sensitive information for testing purposes)

Above all, we leverage newer technologies to optimize productivity and ROI:

  • Automated Testing Frameworks (Setup applications for reusable test cases and data)
  • Service Virtualization (Allow developers to test services when not fully available yet)
  • Database Virtualization (Allow developers and testers personalized copies of their own data)
  • Synthetic Test Data Generation (Create test data not available in production with de-classified/sensitive information)
  • DevOps Integrations (Allow developers to kick-off API calls to leverage any of the above to automate code builds and testing)

Next Steps For QA Process Maturity Assessment or Specialized Improvement

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