Independent Product Quality Review


An independent product quality review is a process that reviews the quality output of your product.  There are many factors that go into what makes a quality product that most owners, managers, or product owners might not think of, for example:

  • Delivery of product
    • How quickly do I get this product to my customers?
  • Cosmetics
    • How visually appealing is this product?
  • Ease of Use
    • How easy is it to self-administer?
  • Compliance
    • Am I keeping my product up-to-date with regulatory and industry standards?
    • Am I following zero trust policy for security?
  • Value
    • Is my product providing more features than my competitors?
  • Retention
    • What is the support model for this product?
    • How does this product upsell to others?
    • How are my product reviews?

Conduct a Review

Apply QA provides a quality review by utilizing best practices of your current digital product or service. Our reviews are based on a simple point system. Once the review is complete, we provide a list of recommendations to increase consumer satisfaction.

Example IPR (Independent Product Review) Rating

Independent Product Review Example

Internet Published Review (if approved)

Once the review is complete, Apply QA can publish the review allowing your company to share the results to potential new customers giving you a quality reputation that help sells.

Quality Product Review Package


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Knowing when to apply which type of quality check is what makes Quality Assurance experts needed.

Please visit Apply QA to let us help you cover all aspects quality assurance and control for your product or service.

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